A podcast where we try to put media in the Homestuck blender and see what analysis comes out.
If you're interested in making a WIH episode, scroll down - we really want you to join us!

Updates with Bucky are every other Saturday; updates post more frequently with your participation.

What's this podcast about?

Join Bucky and company as we discuss how Homestuck can help us think about our favorite pieces of media. Why is Katsuki Bakugo the Vriska of My Hero Academia? What would happen if the cast of Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse played SBURB? These are the questions we're here to ask and answer.
This is also a completely open premise - here at WIH, we don’t just believe in the death of the author; we believe in the author’s ritual self-sacrifice at the altar of collaborative creation. It’s no exaggeration to say that we give you full permission to use our branding, format, and concept however you so choose. We don’t have a monopoly on Hussian analysis, after all! Check out the "How Can We Get Involved" section for more information.


Regularly hosted by Bucky Grant. Sound editing regularly by Bucky Grant.

Episode cover art by Bucky Grant. Theme music by @_tittle.


We usually post our episodes to Soundcloud and mirror on Google Play Music and Spotify! We're working on Apple Podcasts... You can also find our baby Wikia to the left, where we'll be hosting transcripts and other information. You can also find our complete episode list on our Tumblr.
We stream Homestuck fanfiction weekly on our Twitch account, which you can find on the left! We also back up our streams and feature highlights on our YouTube channel.
We promote a lot of other livestreams, including other fanfiction authors reading their own works and some Homestuck reread streams!

How often are updates?

Once every month, we'll pick a piece of media to watch or read or listen to, and discuss it! We'll talk about the plot, the characters, what we thought, and speculate about the classpects and dreaming moons of the cast. These are our "Part 1" episodes.
During the next episode, we'll discuss what a fansession of SBURB would look like with those characters! We are very invested in half of our episodes just consisting of fanfiction. These are our "Part 2" episodes.
We also have space every other week where we air episodes not produced by Bucky!!
Expect 2-3 WIH episodes every month from Bucky, and more from others!

How can we support the podcast?

If you have the monetary means, please consider getting us a Kofi or joining our Patreon. There's some neat tiers, including some expanded discord channels, bonus episodes, outtakes, and more!
Note that episode contributors do get an even cut of the Patreon money for the month their episode airs ("even" meaning the money is split equally between Bucky and contributors. After the Patreon reaches $100+, this will also include the transcriptors).

How can we get involved?

Check out our Discord server!! Once you join, please check out our rules page, post an introduction, and add a pronoun role to join the server.

Also, YOU CAN MAKE WIH EPISODES! If this premise is something that interests you, @an admin or mod once you're in the server to get the @contributor role. We are more than happy to host your WIH episode on our feed, which includes a cut of our Patreon revenue. Or, you can make your own WIH project on a different feed, and we'll promo it!
When we hit our first Patreon goal, and transcripters will get a cut of our monthly income. We're really close to that $100 a month goal!!
Otherwise if you just vibe with this podcast or this community, please share this podcast! Send it to your friends, show your mom, name drop it in some Discord servers, hire a skywriter... Y'know. Normal stuff.

Discord Server Rules

These are our Discord server rules, last updated 9/14/2020.

Rule 1: Be Kind to Your Peers
The golden rule, basically. Be polite; apologize when you hurt someone’s feelings; if you don’t know exactly what you did try to find out within reason; etc. Don’t harass someone if they don’t want to talk to you, but understanding how you hurt someone will help avoid it again. Above all, assume good intentions when engaging with other server members.

Rule 2: Introduce yourself!
When you get to the server, go to the #introductions channel and tell us a bit about yourself! We’re glad to have you.

Rule 3: Keep it PG-13!
This server has a nsfw channel if you’re over 18 and you ask for the @old role. Otherwise, please never forget that this is a server with minors in it, and we try to keep it relatively appropriate! Please see the #adults-only-lobby for more details. "Keep it PG-13" means NO SLURS. If someone sends a message using a slur, we will warn you. A second infraction will incur a ban. You know what a slur is - don't pretend you don't if you're caught.

Rule 4: Cross Promote!
Will it Homestuck isn’t just your favorite extremely specific media analysis podcast; it’s a community! We started this project to encourage good-faith discussion and a deeper understanding of the text of Homestuck. We want to hear your thoughts! Talk to folks in the server, post links to your fics and fanworks, and don’t be afraid to disagree with each other (so long as you follow the rules, obvs). Also, please source anything you post that isn't yours as a general rule.

Rule 5: Opt-in Stuff!
As of the writing of this post, there are five roles that are opt-in.
The first is listed in rule 3: if you’re over 18 years old, you can tag any of the admins to get the @old role and get access to the corresponding channel. This channel is mostly for 18+ members to discuss sensitive topics we may not want the rest of the 15+ server to have access to. See #adults-only-lobby for more info.
The second is the @dice-hogs role. We run a few RPG campaigns with people who are into that, and you can join if you like! We talk about game design and OCs and stuff as well.
The third is the @contributors role - tag an admin and get this role if you want to make some WIH!!
You can request the @med reminders role in the #med-reminders channel twice a day (morning and night).
Finally, if you'd like to transcribe episodes of WIH, you can request the @transcripts role. Once we hit $100 a month on Patreon, you will be paid as well :)

Rule 6: Typing Qvirks are Fvn and Cool.
This is Homestuck. We like trolls. If you wanna type in a quirk, go for it!

Rule 7: No Discourse/Negative Social Engineering.
We get it. Fandom discourse is a feature, not a bug, and sometimes people turn out to be shitty in serious, non-fandom related ways. But WIH isn’t a community about that; our focus is on solidarity, community, and good-faith discussions about the comic that we all (claim to) love. We will NOT tolerate smearing, rumors about other people, sharing of screenshots, etc. If you have a problem with someone that goes beyond personal beef and that problem is or could become relevant to the people in the server, bring it to one of the admins in private. Otherwise, please keep it to other servers and social media.

Rule 8: You can make WIH Content if you want!
We want you to also get to take part in the fun of making this wacky podcast!! We don’t have a monopoly on Hussian analysis :wink: If you make an episode, you can host it on our RSS feed, and get a cut of our Patreon money! Or you can host it yourself. Or you can write essays based on our ideas. Or you can write fanfic based on our part-2’s. Whatever! You don’t need to ask us. Hell, we’ll promote it in the server! Go nuts! Go wild! Go ape shit!

Rule 9: Conflict Resolution
Sometimes you’re going to disagree with someone. Sometimes it gets messy. We get it – everyone’s human & everyone can have a bad day or misinterpret a message. Here’s how we’ll handle that.
First, if an argument starts, admins will attempt to mediate via text. If the issue can't be resolved through messages, one or more admins will start a voice call with the members of the conflict. This is to avoid as much obfuscation of actual issue as possible. It sucks trying parse someone’s tone through text. We want to try to facilitate as clear communication as possible, and believe that a private voice call mediated by the admins is the most straight-forward conflict resolution we could use in our server.
If anyone ends up arguing, it must be important to at least one of you. That means something to us. We’d rather help people at the very least feel better about other community members before resorting to kicking or banning. There won’t be any blaming of either or any party unless we feel someone is actively making the server less enjoyable or unsafe for other members.

Rule 10: No Bigotry
We reserve the right to kick and ban troublemakers. This space is, above all else, intended to facilitate enjoying Homestuck, Homestuck-related media, and Hussian analysis of non-Homestuck media. Racist, transphobic, homophobic, classist, ableist, antisemitic, and otherwise bigoted rhetoric will not be tolerated. Other than extreme issues detailed in Rule 7, rumor mongering, screenshot sharing, and other social engineering will not be tolerated. Promotion of works that glorify bigoted or violent content will not be tolerated (ask an admin if you’re unsure – nine times out of ten it will be fine but you can always ask!)
Specific things we will not tolerate on request include: "X did nothing wrong" jokes; discussion of Hetalia: Axis Powers.

Rule 11: Ask an Admin
You can always tag the @admin or @mod roles if you have a question! Want to be added to a role? Do you have a question about the server? Would you like to show us your pet? Do you have a question or concern about a rule? Tag us and we will be happy to help as soon as we get the message.

Rule 12: Waiting Room
You must be a member of this server for more than 10 minutes to post in any channel AND you'll need to read these rules and react to the message at the end to enter.

Rule 13: Age Requirement
This is a 15+ server. Please be 15 years or older before joining. If you are caught lying about your age in order to gain access to the server, your username will be noted and you will be kicked from the server.

Fic list

Below you can find the last week's streamed fics, and the upcoming week's fics that we plan on streaming!

9/21/2020 Livestream Fic List

New fics!

Never Shall I Ever Fall In Love
Thirty Feet by HowardR

Recurring fics - We'll read these after the new fics!

Answers to the question of revolution by TheBitterHedgehog - CH 3
The Progeny by articulatelyComposed - CH 3
The MBMBAM Archives - CH 10 and 11
The Custody of Angus Mcdonald by blueshine - CH 4
Waves to the Ocean by Sylph_of_Breath - CH 4
Technically Not A Matricide by fleece - CH 8
Plasticine Soul by AltUniverseWash - CH 11
Judgement Day by rpgegirl - CH 7

Click "Fic Archive" below to be taken to past fics we've streamed, and their replays on Twitch and YouTube.